PlanarClosedCurveRelationship not work[Solved]

Hello everybody.
I have a problem with PlanarClosedCurveRelationship function.

I have the following curves

and this code:

if (Curve.PlanarClosedCurveRelationship(curvaOffsetada, Contorno, Plane.WorldXY, 0.001) ==  RegionContainment.AInsideB)

The result of this comparation is false because PlanarClosedCurveRelationship returns disjoint. I don’t understand why.
Can anybody help me?

Thanks in advance.

Can you post your geometry (3dm file)?

RelationshipNotWork.3dm (674.1 KB)

The layer curvaOffsetada contains the curve called curvaOffsetada.
The layer curvaOffsetada-contorno contains the curve called Contorndo.

The line before making the comparison I draw these two curves in these layers

The inside curve isn’t closed, as reported by the What command.

Ok, Thank you.