Planar views?

is it possible to look at planar views?


Yes, but no. Let me elaborate. Orthographic projection is supported in Three.js, but I’ve not worked out an elegant manner to mix and switch between camera types. It is on my list of things to support though: IP-99, and I’ve conceived of how to do it. I’ve slated it for a 0.6.x release (currently working towards 0.5.4), but I can try push it into the 0.5.x release cycle.

cool! thank you

p.s. orthographic views supported in 0.6.0 :wink: As a secret, you can also change between Perspective and Orthographic if you have a keyboard and press ‘p’ and ‘o’ respectively. there still could be some issue with the size of the model while switching between projections, but at least there is some basic support.