Planar Union command in Grasshopper

In Rhino 7 there is a new command PlanarUnion. It’s doing something else than Region Union.
Is it available from the python or C# api so I can use it as a component in Grasshopper? I can’t find this method anywhere

You could look at the API yourself:

I did embarrasing research… Sorry, and thank you.

I try to integrate this function in python in my grasshopper script to merge overlapping coplanar surfaces.

I have a problem with a list of several items
but it works with 2 individuals elements.
I think the function does not take into account the tree map
(PS: I am new to python)

Someone can help me?
Thank’s (14.3 KB)
Planar_union_python_OBJ.3dm (293.5 KB)

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You can choose Tree access (8.1 KB)

Works perfectly,
thank’s you !! :clap:

I have to work on my python skills !