Planar surfaces not highlighting

I am doing the level 1 training… (building an 80s style phone/p167) I dont know how to manage the issues im coming up against so hope this forum might be able to help again!

I have found that when im trying to fill the last (tapered top segment ( as instructed in a planar curve command… I cant hightlight the necessary curves. When I highlight the curve it highlights the whole shape… rather than just the planar top section.
I have planar on, and cant seee what im doing wrong. I have tried joining all the curves but this doesnt seem to work.

Anyone done this?..

Extrude.3dm (4.0 MB)

OK… I just realised that weird wing shape is on mine for some reason and not on the task instructions. Must have been some mice in here in the night as I dont remember putting that there… will try getting rid and seeing what happens…

no… not working. its still closing the squared off surface inside the phone as a flat end rather than closing the exterior rounded surface…

any ideas or help appreciated :confused:

Its done it… No idea why its suddenly worked. I guess problem solved x

i found 2 duplicates which can make it difficult to proceed working. use SelDup from time to time and delete the highlighted objects.

those can be joined into one object and will create problems later.