Planar surfaces from wireframes (Plural)

I was wondering if I have overlooked this option. Imagine you have a cube build simply out of line segements. Everything is planar… Now, just like the cap planar hole command, rhino finds all planar geometry and “fills” them with a planar surfaces. So to say from wireframe to polysurface to solid with just a click.

Well maybe more than one click, but -

Select the wires, run _MeshFromLines
Select the resulting mesh and run _ToNurbs

Here is a possible macro:

_MeshFromLines _Pause _Enter
_SelNone _SelLast
_ToNurbs _Enter

That might be messy to fully automate with just arbitrary curves and lines - doable, I guess, but it might invlove a lot of checking and book keeping since there is no inherent plane in a line…