Planar Hexagon Mesh in the Shape of a Giraffe


I’m looking to hire someone to convert the body of this mesh giraffe (circled in black) into a planar hexagon mesh.

Here are some examples of hexagon meshing.

I intend to use this model to build a real life size giraffe sculpture with cut-out spots that glow at night. Here is another sculpture I designed:

Hexagon meshing is way beyond my skill level. I’m happy to pay hourly.

Giraffe file attached:
Giraffes5.obj (163.7 KB)

Please DM me to discuss more!

That sculpture looks great!
Not sure if you want to share the giraffe file so we can play around?

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I can help you with this.

Please reach me over skype: live:.cid.e0656fece75456e6 or email me at so that we can have a detailed discussion.

Kind Regards
Maria J
Ph no: +13478093381