Planar curve projected to slope surface sees more control points occur

why is it that simple curves drawn with a minimum of control points sees more of those points occur, if that curve is projected to a planar slope surface ?
the curve will simply get scaled in one direction, does that need a load of extra control points to form it ?

The simple handle set is now complex and I wanted the simple set to work with.

see attached.

3 curves (there is a small S curve) projected from vertical planar to sloping planar surface.

upper S curve with 4 points becomes 15 !

lower S curve 4 becomes 6

4 becomes 6 in the other single bend curve.

Project three curves from vertical to slope extra contol points result.3dm (40.2 KB)



I reproduced the result in V5 - planar curves projected onto a plane have additional control points which are not needed.

V6 and V7 do not add control points for planar curves projected onto a plane.

In V5 use Loose=Yes if projecting a planar curve onto a plane to avoid the additional control points.