Planar Background Override Failure


I’m trying to add a standard footer to Brazil/Neon renderings. They’re generally done with a matte floor and white single color texture in the Brazil Planar Background slot. I added a TIFF with transparency(to let through the background colour) to the texture slot of the single color texture, and it renders fine in Brazil but Neon fails to show the footer.


And, ugh, once again, as is happening constantly on both my work and home machines, if go playing around with any of this stuff, swapping textures, whatever, and I click the wrong place at the wrong time, Rhino freezes up.


Related issue…with this background image, rendering in Brazil it turns out with seriously messed-up colours and a lack of dynamic range vs the original. I am using “Linear workflow” and tried messing with the gamma on the texture to compensate, but no luck.