Plan view display issue

Hello everyone, I am having a problem while planning my project.

here on my foundation plan i have different foundations which need different label. they are both at the same level Z and are of equal thickness so there should be no line on the junction between the two elements.
How can I remove or hide these lines.

Hi @Rabet_Florentin, are these foundations made out of VisualARQ walls? if they have the same section attributes they should clean the intersection. If you can share the file I’ll take a closer look!

No, these are slabs but I don’t think that changes anything?
probleme.3dm (6.8 MB)

Hi Rabet, it actually does change, since slabs don’t solve the intersection when they meet each other, like walls do. If these slabs are the same style and they are at the same elevation, you can try to create a single slab out of them. The GH file attached will help on that.
Just open the definition in Grasshopper, select the slabs you want to join, bake the resulting slab, and finally delete the original slabs. (9.5 KB)

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