Plan Cut Leaving Out information

Alright so I’m pretty new to rhino and visarq so this might be something simple. That being said I’ve used the plan cuts before with success. When looking at the plan in the viewports everything seems to be cut and represented appropriately. However, when using the function that extracts the plan (don’t know what to call it, its the equivalent to make2D) it seems that random geometry is excluded. The only VA elements I’m using are stairs, doors, and railings which seem to be present when extracting. I’m on the latest version of VA and rhino.

On a side note, since I’m not using VA walls but still using the VA plan is there a good way I can hatch the walls?

Pulling an all-nighter so if ya’ll still up and can help that would be tight.

troubleshoot.3dm (12.3 MB)

Hi @user1265,

I think the main problem is that walls are open polysurfaces, but I am reporting the issue to find a solution.

You can hatch Rhino objects from the Section Attributes tab, in the Properties panel:

Section attributes

Ok thanks! I tried to booleanunion the structure because my plans were coming out pretty messy and it was just a ton of clean-up.

Hi @user1265,

The object is a “closed non-manifold polysurface”, which means that it is a malformed closed polysurface. It contains non-manifold edges, which are edges connected to more than two faces (Non-manifold edges | Rhino 3-D modeling).

Boolean operations fail with this kind of polysurfaces, so VisualARQ cannot compute the intersection.

So, you need to fix this polysurface manually; exploding and joining the exploded surfaces sometimes fix the problem.

Yeah I swear I fixed them all but it says I’ve got 10 which I don’t really get but whatever.

Hi @user1265,

Maybe you can try to get in touch with the McNeel technical support team to figure out what could be causing the problem: Rhino - Rhino Support