Placing V Twin Girders on Curved Bridge

H EveryOne

I am trying to place Twin V shaped precast beams on curved bridge. After trying lot i got to ask for help here, Please @Joseph_Oster @HS_Kim @martinsiegrist @seghierkhaled take a look and Advice.
attached script maybe not perfect due to continuous trials for geometry so i am apologizing in advance for mess.
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Curved Bridge.3dm (29.0 KB)
Curved (345.3 KB)

I’m not looking closely at this, I don’t know what you want. I disabled most of your code and simply connected your aligned PFrames to the Orient ‘B’ (Target) input.

Curved (351.2 KB)

Hi @Joseph_Oster

Thanks for your help.
Actually i am trying to do like this.
The box should be straight and placed side by side on curve centerline. where there must be 100 space on each span at Expansion joint. top slab can be curved but Girder must be straight with varies lengths both sides.

What’s stopping you? I can imagine half a dozen different ways to approach this.

Problem is i want lines and extrude sections along that lines that will give me perfect shape of each girder if they rotate longitudinally. I am still working on it but needed a helping hand to get an idea.
Curved (345.2 KB)