Placing roads on terrain


I got a bit confused while trying to add roads to the terrain generated with Gismo. Where am I supposed to attach the terrain created by the terrain generator to? I see that both the OSM Search and the OSM 3D Road both have inputs for terrain. (170.8 KB)

Also, the roads created by gizmo seem thin. Is there a way to generate them how they actually are? I believe the roads vary in width so I don’t think setting a uniform road width would work…

Hi @clonosis ,
Just input the terrain into the OSM 3D roads component.

Sadly you can not control the width of each road at the moment - they all have the same width for now.
The reason for this is the complex geometrical problem of creating a single boolean unioned offsetted 3D roads solid (even more difficult to have it double curved on a terrain).

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