Placing object with direction - Spiral staircase

Hi Guys I need little helpkick.

I wanna do spiral Staircase. Which is following spiral lines

  • I made Spiral

  • I did division with lines and with vector

  • I have STEP Object and I wanna reach to my object follow the vector lines.

  • When I trying to place with direction it doesn’t do what I want and didn’t following vectors.

Can you give me some hint ? or what I’m doing wrong.

I guess some data tree settings can be wrong :-/

Thanks (26.0 KB)
220610_SpiralStaircase_Challenge.3dm (3.4 MB)

this might be a way (24.6 KB)

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Thanks :wink:

It’s working but you just bypass to placing objects on point’s

Right now I’m trying to figured out hot to place exact on this points

I figured out here is my solution