Placing geometry with direction

Hi :slight_smile: I’m stuck how can i place object with direction I tried Orient direction but I did’t get it. And than I was thinking do trought plane - I have plane, lines and points but…

somethink like this I want :

201117_LineMovePattern.3dm (2.2 MB) (19.0 KB)

Thank you for some kick to the right way.
Please no plugins advice :slight_smile:

Try with Orient

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As Seghier suggested with Orient component… (26.2 KB)

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Check this as well. (15.4 KB)

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Thank you Kim :slight_smile:

Thanks Jakinta :wink:

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This one is simpler than previous one. You don’t need to use lines. (19.0 KB)

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Hi I figured out what I need thanks for help here is my solution.
I hope it can be helpful for others :wink:

Yes, you are right I just didn’t get it source input :worried: but now I understand :wink: Thanks