Placing and curve on points

Hey Guys,
I want to place and duplicate this curve from the center to every point and scale and rotate it further to create a random pattern.

Huzefa Malik

Duplicate curves on (5.2 KB)

You didn’t internalize your geometry.

Oh sorry.
Duplicate curves on (5.5 KB)

You still didn’t internalize your surface.

Duplicate curves on (7.9 KB)

Duplicate curves on (10.3 KB)

Duplicate curves on (7.8 KB)

Thank you very much

Duplicate curves on (16.0 KB)

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Here is a model that culls rotated and scaled curves if they overlap another curve or the surface edge. Then uses the remaining curves to cut holes in the surface. The Anemone loop (yellow group) isn’t easy to get right, even though I’ve written similar loops before.

Duplicate curves on (25.5 KB)

You could easily add an edge offset curve to keep holes away from edges. And from each other!

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Added ‘EdgeGap’ slider and Offset Curve to yellow group.

Duplicate curves on (30.1 KB) (DEPRECATED)

UPDATED: to pass length of Populate 2D output through Data Dam.

Duplicate curves on (30.0 KB)

P.S. Ya know… looking at that last image with so many holes, I see a pattern and think I know why. I used only one Random value for both rotation and scale, which means those two properties are related! Oops. Either a second Random component needs to be added or a Jitter component applied to one of the two properties (rotation or scale).

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So much to learn, Thank you very much for your input. That is exactly what I wanted to do :slight_smile:

Do you see the pattern I mentioned that is a result of using a single re-mapped random value per point for both rotation and scale? Holes of the same size have the same rotation. That might be considered clever if it were intentional but I knew better and was just lazy. Here’s a fix, adding a second Random component and ‘Seed’ slider for Scale.

Duplicate curves on (31.5 KB)

Here again is the mistake, the result of using only one Random component for both rotation and scale, all other parameter values being the same (same points and scale domain):

P.S. This is exactly the same result but instead of re-mapping the random values I wired the target domain directly to the Random ‘R’ (Range) input.

Duplicate curves on (24.1 KB)

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