Placing a group onto many nodes

Group On (6.0 KB)

Hello. I need help with a little script. I have a surface divided by lunchbox Diagrid tool. I want to paste a group ( Please see file. The spaceship. Or any prebuilt rhino geometry) To those Nodes. So that whenever I change the grid or something the space ship is attached to all those Node points automatically.

I am a newbie to grasshopper. And I have a deadline to meet. Would love to know the process.

Update: I cant upload the rhino file here. So any rhino geometry will do. I have modelled elements with me. I just need to put those up to these nodes.

evaluate the surface to get a plane, place object to that plane. Blocks work well for this, but will require an additional plugin such as Elefront.

just a quick guess…

Thankyou guys :smiley: You all are a great help.

Hi Rudolf. I’m unable to place them perpendicular to the planes derived. Can you suggest why that’s happening?

Note: I am dividing my surface using Lunchbox Hexagonal grid tool. I have the points (Nodes) Derived from those. Hence I can not divide surface using traditional method. So once I have the nodes I want to be able to place or orient object perpendicular to the surface.

If you generate any sort of Grid from other components on Surface/Brep you have to evaluate the Surface or find the Closest Point on Brep for those nodes. then Generate a “Plane from Normal” to place your objects. Like this:

Group On Nodes Modified (46.1 KB)