Placement objects in front of the plane

Hello friends,

I would like to ask you to help me with placement objects in front of the plame which is parallel to Z axis. I need copy about 50 small objects and placed its in front of my plane to designated positions by my self (not contact with plane). Every time when I want to use copy tool I have my objects behind my plane far away from it or much more in front of the plane.

I am beginner, I understand basics tools but I have no seen yet any tutorial on youtube where are objects easily placed to specific area only using something like drag & drop system. My objects will have no spcial order in my bordered space. I need placed them by random on the basic of my way which I will like it.

Thank you for your responses, suggests and help.

What defines the desired locations for the objects? Are you using OSnaps when you pick the “Point to copy from” and the “Point to copy to”, or are trying to get the desired positions by freehand cursor movement?

Also you can use the Align command to align groups of objects in a particular way.


I think a lot of things will sort themselves out if you learn a little bit about the CPlane aka rhino’s ‘construction plane’.

…specifically how it can be repositioned, rotated, and generally orientated to all sorts of aspects of the models your working on.

If you can post up a few screen shots about what you currently have, maybe then it’s possible to pinpoint a specific setting you can focus on to get things how you’d like.

Otherwise, just a little tinkering around and research with the CPlane tool should go a long way towards mastering Rhino’s Model space.

Hello friends,
I used only copy tool which is marked in my picture by red circle. I do not thing or I do not have sufficient knowledge about Osnaps tool because I thing that it does not solve my problem.

Lets imaging…my objects are placement in a free space in front of the plane to the random position. See my project. Objects have to be placement from smaller one (closest to plane) to biggest one (farthest). The objects placement will depend on myself.

Lets see picture on my project & side view of my explanation.


Please upload your images directly here, instead of using a website which includes irrelevant pictures… You can drag the image file into the space where type your post, or you can use the vertical arrow above where you type your post.

When you drag an object in a Rhino viewport it moves parallel to the viewport’s CPLane. Hold the control key down to drag perpendicular to the viewport’s CPlane.

OSnaps let you click on to a particular feature of an object, are essential to successful use of Rhino.

If you try to pick point a first point by just moving the cursor and clicking the mouse it will either be on the viewport’s CPlane, unless the control key is used for elevator mode.

Second and subsequent points will be on the viewport’s CPlane if Planar mode is off. If Planar mode is on then second and subsequent points will be at the same height above the viewport’s CPlane as the first point. Using Panar mode is important to successful use of Rhino.

This video covers some of the Rhino interface basics:

More information about how Rhino is available in the User’s Guide:

Help for Planar and SetPlanar commands is at:

Hi friends,

thank you for your advices. Finally I solved my problem by Gumball + Alt. One hour hard work and a lot of objects were created. Unfortunately I did not find what I need in your suggestions. But still thank you because your advices lead me to find other solution.

PS: I am sorry to external links. It will not repeated again.

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