Placement not matching in Top and Perspective (Mac, OS 11.2.3, AMD radeon Pro Vega 11 32 GB)

When I draw a line and line it up on the green axis in “TOP” it DOES NOT match the position in the Perspective View. Shouldn’t it? I know I’m new at this but this seems very basic. Is there a setting somewhere I am missing?

If you could post a screen shot it would make it easier to understand what you’re seeing.


It sounds like you may be drawing the line above the construction plane.

How are you drawing the line in the top view?

Does the line appear on the red axis (x axis) in the right view?

Hi David, I started a new document and it fixed itself.
For now.

BUT: I did take a screen grab from before (when was doing it.) I was also having trouble with the snaps. I can’t get the line even close with Grid Snap on. Is that normal?
And yes, it was all on the same plane. I was using FRONT view to make sure they all had the same C plane.

It happened before (yesterday) and I stopped and restarted and it seemed to adjust.
I know for a bit I had different units between the model and the layout (WHY is that separate? —Maybe when I know more I will understand?). We use feet and inches.) But even after I adjusted it wouldn’t snap.

Thank you for the quick response…just doing homework so nothing critical (for now anyway. : )


I don’t see anything wrong from the screen shot you posted.

I tried to re-create it here:

The line indicated by the yellow arrow is directly above the x-axis. The line indicated by the blue arrow is directly below the y-axis.

If starting a new document fixed it, maybe you had something messed up in settings somewhere.

If you have this problem again, I’d suggest saving the file and posting it here.


Not sure about what you are trying to do, but if you are trying to draw lines on each of the 3 axes of the plane, you could use the prompt command to set the first point.
Selecting the line tool you then give to the first point of the line the coordinates 0,0,0 (x,y,z). You should then be able to draw the lines on the green and red axis as well as the blue one.

Hope this can help.


T H A N K Y O U. So helpful.
I am working off three years of SketchUp muscle memory and little things like this are making me crazy!
Loving Rhino tho and slowly but surely I will get there. : )


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