PlaceHole Broken in Mac RC1?


I’ve got a curved surface on which I sketch a closed curve. No problem. Then I use the PlaceHole command to cut through the object. This hangs Rhino for Mac RC1 every time.

I’m running OS X Yosemite 10.10 (the latest as of this writing) on a MacBook Pro.


Hi Forrest - can you post the surface and the curve?



I’ll attach the file.

cupwithcurvetest.3dm (1.8 MB)

Hi Forrest- PlaceHole wants a planar curve as input- draw it in the Cplane, then use it to pop a hole in the curved surface. How does that work?


That sort of works. At least with the MakeHole command. Of course, as a noob, I’m pretty confused. For each hole I’ll need to redefine the CPlane? The drawing a curve on surface feature seems to offer exactly what I want; all I need to do is use that curve to punch through the wall.

Here’s a little advice for a “noob” as you called yourself:
Turn on the Command Help panel.

When you start a command, if the command doesn’t do what you thought it would, have a quick browse through the Help article for the command.
Command Help opens the Help article for whatever command you start.
I think in this case, the Help article has the details that were confusing you.


Thanks, John. I’ll do that. I usually have a browser window open with a bunch of Rhino help files open, but one more sure won’t hurt!


If I have a curvy, organic, object that I want to make into swiss cheese (with irregular, hand drawn holes shapes), what’s the preferred method for doing this?

While PlaceHole is looking for a planar curve, should the help text not say that? I.E. not select a closed curve but select a closed PLANAR curve. I’m guessing it’s not checking the curve for planarity prior to going on to whatever it does next (ergo forest’s hangup), but a bit more detailed text in the prompts would make it less likely for user error.

Right! That’s what got me in the first place.