Place Solid Object along Path

Hi, I am new to parametric modeling.

I am wondering if anyone knows how to place a solid object along a path?

I work in the Infrastructure industry and we often have to place structural elements along the road like (Road barriers, Wall Panels, Piles etc.)

Please refer to the image below to understand what exactly I want to achieve. The road barriers are placed along the alignment of Footpath which is varying horizontally and vertically too. I want a method which will place barriers which will exactly follow that path and also, I can apply distance between two barriers (eg. spacing between each barrier 10mm)



Jaimin Patel (21.8 KB)

Hi Will,

Thanks for the quick response, this is helpful.

Could you pick 2 points for your solid for placement? For eg. start of your solid and end of your sold, which will align your solid perfectly on the path vertically and horizontally. Do you think you can easily do this? Also, do you need to write manual script or you can make this possible with the use of available nodes etc.?



Not sure what you meant by vertically and horizontally aligned. but essentially I’m using the orient component. as long as you set up your target plane, it could be from 2 points.

What I mean by horizontal and vertical alignment is, target plane for each solid will be different so I have to set-up target plan everytime I have to place solid as road line will be changing every time.

Basically, I want to achieve something like this, where I can define the distance between the barriers and the placement of the barriers on the path will be the origin point of solid.

in my example try moving the original unit piece around, in respect to origin point, and see what happens