Place multiples of same component, other tricks?

awhile back i thought i saw a keyboard modifier to select a component and place it several times?

also any other hidden tricks?


Something like this

Split your canvas
Split vertical: Press left ALT (MAC: ⌥)and drag the mouse to sides
Split horizontal: Press left ALT (MAC: ⌥), drag the mouse and press ALT (MAC: ⌥) one more time.

Find your component
Clicking on the component while holding right ALT (MAC: Control )
CTRL + ALT + left mouse click for windows

Paste in the centre
Shift+CTRL+V (MAC:⌘+⇧+V)

Fast copying
Hold left ALT(MAC: ⌥) while moving component.

Find your wire
CTRL + left/right arrow. (MAC:⌘+arrow)

Quick image editor
Shift+Ctrl+Q (MAC:⌘+I)

Hiding components
Ctrl+Q - Hiding components (MAC:⌘+E)
Shift+CTRL+I key (MAC:⌘+⇧+I) - Invert selection

Wires editing
Hold shift (MAC:⇧)- add more wire to the component,
Hold CTRL(MAC:⌘) - delete wire from the component,
Hold Shift+Ctrl (MAC:⌘+⇧)- grab all wires into one bunch

Credit: BIM Corner


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i couldn’t find any help file that contained these. thank you!

If you holding down the shift key and click the same component(or different components) you want to place on the canvas as many times as you want, and click your mouse button on the canvas while holding down the shift key, then you can place them at the same time.


winner winner chicken dinner! thank you