Place an added control point to curve on the grid


If I add a control point on a curve, it will appear where the line is passing, which will probably never be on the grid, and when I move it, it will move according to the value of the grid, but not on the grid itself. How can I put it back on the grid?

If you have grid snap enabled (in the status bar at the top on Mac) you can just drag and drop the control point onto the grid. Seems like it’s already enabled in your image above…

When I use (en français) InsererNoeud, it will add a control point wherever the curve is passing (obviously not on the the grid).
I would like to put back the new control point on the grid.
Anyway I ended up redoing the curve so it is ok as far as I’m concerned.

Knots are points that lie on the curve, they represent where different spans of a NURBS curve are joined (if it is not a single-span curve).

Control points are sort of an artificial system for manipulating NURBS curves. Except for curve starts, curve ends, kinks and linear curves like lines and polylines, control points generally do not lie directly on the curve.

When you insert a knot somewhere on the curve, it will move the existing control points in the vicinity of the knot and may add additional ones. So you will never be sure where they are going to end up. The question is why do your control points need to be exactly on the grid? Normally that is of little importance as long as the curve itself is passing where you want.

It is to respect symmetry. Anyway I redid the curve and it is fine now.