PixelSize integrated in Cyles?


just installed rhino6 and I am playing around with the display engines on a Surface Book (2gb 965M/3000x2000px screen)

Cycles feels quite sluggish at the high resolution screen so I was looking around for “undersampling”

can’t find it anywhere, although this entry suggests that it is integrated:

how about this, is it accessible?

also I would love to see a dedicated panel for the cycles settings other than the need to go into options or fiddle with the advanced options in the command line.


Go to Tools >> Options and select Advanced. Search for RhinoCycles.DpiScale and set to i.e. 2 or 3.

In the future there might be a dedicated panel, for now the closest you can come is by either using the Advanced section, or by using RhinoCycles_SetAdvancedOptions.

Hi Nathan,

I did suspect that setting, but it did not change anything until, as I just realized, I switch to a different displaymode and then back to raytraced.

so it does not pick up the change of the setting just by updating the viewport.

would be better if the change is instant.



It indeed would be, and most likely will in the future.