Pixelated decals only when rendered?

Hi all! (Rhino 7 using inbuilt render software).

I have wrapped a decal around the bottle. When viewing in rendered mode, the decal is fine (not blurry/pixelated) however when the image is rendered, the chocolate swirl at the bottom suddenly becomes pixelated. I assume this is because of the angled surface so the image is stretched BUT why does this only happen when I render the image and not when viewing in rendered mode? Is there a way around this?

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You probably should bump the texture baking quality in the Rendering panel under Advanced Render Settings.

This will be necessary to do until I get RH-45742 Implement Raytraced native decal support landed in 7.x.

You’ll then get even sharper quality than in Rendered mode. Here a screenshot of the work for RH-45742 I took yesterday night. Raytraced mode is the same rendering engine as Rhino Render in v7.

It would be great if you could share with me your bottle with wrapped decal to use as part of my testing of the new code for decal rendering in Rhino Render and Raytraced.

Thanks for the quick respose and sorry for the double post (it said Error 500 when posting so I assumed it hadn’t gone through). Here is the problem in question. You can see the ‘step-like’ issue on the bulbus chocolate wave.

Would you like the actual working file?

blurry graphics.PNG

You can share the actual working file confidentially with me through https://rhino3d.com/upload?to=nathan@mcneel.com

Have you tried changing the texture bake quality yet? Use at least Standard. High should be good too. I would advise against Ultra, because it creates a really large baked texture.

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Hi nathan, I’m already using standard quality (baking) but will nudge up to high. I’ll send through the file now!

@robert.oakley.cars, I’ve received the bottle file. It would be useful if you shared also the “Chocolate full wrap V2” texture file.

If you Save As the file you can check the Save Textures checkbox. That will embedd all images referenced by the 3dm file into the 3dm file. If you re-upload that it would be easiest.


Hi Nathan,

I’m currently rendering said work now so I have attached the image here.

Many thanks,

Thank you for uploading.

The code I’m currently working on does a good job with this texture. No need for baking anymore, fast startup time.

Here a quick render:

Thanks. Is there a way to reduce noise in a render?

I’ve ran a render and it’s rather grainy.



You can install one of three denoisers using the command _PackageManager. If you have a recent Nvidia or AMD GPU you can use the corresponding denoiser package to denoise using GPU acceleration. The Intel denoiser works on CPU, regardless of GPU.

Hi Nathan,

I know it’s late in the day but I’ve just updated rhino to 7.2 and now decals won’t show in raytraced view or when rendering. Nothing has changed to the file. Textures are embedded and everything should be in place. Where can I send the file to you?

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I know about the issue. It is what I am currently working on to get fixed. It’ll be a couple of weeks still before I can land the code fully.

Change the material for the object’s with decals on them to a “Physically Based” material (PBR) from the Type drop down menu in the Material panel. I believe this is the issue Nathan mentioned.