Pixel color randomly on image sampler

Hello, I’m sorry but I’m brand new in Grasshopper. I got stuck. I need to redefine the image pixels through new parameters. As the attractor point changes the size of the features, I wish we could change the colors to the pixels of the original image. it’s possible to do it? Do you have any suggestions to overcome this obstacle? Thank you. Immensely I hope you can answer. Antonella
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I have set some random points because this Point parameter was not internalized, so what I see is probably slightly different from what you see :slight_smile:

at the moment, the colors are being defined only by the Image Sampler component as a list of RGB values

how would you like the “distance to the attractor points” values (A) to influence the RGB values (B) ?

Hello Inno! Thanks for the quick reply, you are super !!
I would like the points closest to the attractors to be darker eg. from RGB 245, 150, 9 (orange for ex.) to 0, 82, 45 (blue. ex) while those far away were clear for ex. from RGB 0, 238, 245 (e.g. turquoise) to 245, 179.0 (e.g. yellow). I think it works like this :blush:

let me say first that I have no idea whatsoever where we are going :slight_smile:

if you represent the extracted colors from your image in a 255-units-edge-length-cube, where each side is a color component (x= R, y=G, z=B) it will look like this
(and note, in terms of color perception this is so much wrong…)

→ at this point the red vectors AB and CD might represent the “deviation” you want your colors to have?
→ the “amount of deviation” a given RGB color receives might depend on the distance to the attractor points on your original image?

or maybe the “RGB vector” thing is just an unnecessary overcomplication, you just want each color to move toward “A or B” or toward “C or D” depending on their distance to the attractor points on the original image?

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Hello, thanks for the reply. I think this process is too complex. What I would like to do would be to change the pixel colors of the image. If they are close to the attractor point they will take on colors as in the example if they are far from the attractor point they will take on other colors.

Hello I’m back here and I didn’t want to open a new tred but I hope you can help me.

I am following this tutorial Animated Wall Grasshopper Tutorial - YouTube

Also I would like the size of the squares area and the colors to change as the “parameter” slider of the control curve changes. but I can’t get this result. My goal is to get an animation so it would be nice to see the variation of the colors and the size of the squares at the same time.

Could you help me? thank you

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