Pivoting a tube question

Is it possible to pivot a tube with one end fixed as the pivot point and the other end moved into desired position freehand with out having to enter angles?

If so how to get started


Hi Ken,

Have a look at this page: http://wiki.mcneel.com/people/pascalgolay
near the bottom there is a script “BallJoint” that will do what you are after.

Pivot objects freely in 3d around a point. This adds the following alias- BallJoint


@Pascal this would not be a bad addition to V6 as a buildin command.

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Orient3Pt with careful selection of the three reference points.
OSnap Center on.
Reference point 1 is the Center of the end you want to pivot about.
Reference point 2 is the Center of the other end.
Reference point 3 is arbitrary
Target point 1 is the Center of the end you want to pivot about. (Same as Reference point 1.)
Target point 2 is the in the direction you want the tube to point in.
Target point 3 is arbitrary.

Other possibilities:

Rotate command to rotate about an axis perpendicular to a construction plane.

Rotate3D command to rotate about an arbitrary axis.

“BallJoint” script appears to have some orientations which it does not allow rotation to.

Thanks William,
That looks to be what is needed although my preliminary results are not. LOL

I’ll play with that further and try the other suggestions as well…

Thanks all!


Hmmm - I’ll at least try to make a more graceful version of the script without the constraining sphere being drawn. But, @davidcockey, it seems to work ok as far as I can see, can you post an example where it fails?



@pascal As I move the target point around a red circle with a slash appears in various locations and I can’t move any further in the direction I was going…

It appears to me that the script could be greatly simplified by using the Orient3Pt command.

Hi David - the No-no icon appears of you move the cursor too far off the constraining sphere for the OnSrf constraint to work.