Piping not showing in Flamingo render

Using the pipe command from the render menu, I’ve attempted to pipe curves that will show in a rendered window but will not show in a Flamingo rendering. This is critical for me for some of the detailing I need to do. I can, of course simply “pipe” from the solids menu the same curve, but alas it would clearly be a good thing to see in Flamingo what is seen in a render window. Regards to all, Rob Ladd

This is something we’re currently working on.

thanks for your reply

Hi Robb,
since Flamingo still doesn’t support this…(!) you can work around this by extracting the render mesh from the curves prior to rendering. The command is ExtractPipedCurve

Use SelCrv prior to ExtractPipedCurve if you have a bunch of curves that needs to be rendered.

Then after the render you can either UNDO or SelLast to reselect the meshes so you can delete them.

Thanks for the heads-up. I’ve attached a rendering that will help explain my needs. Around the entire perimeter of the scalloped surrey top and along the seams of the come-aboard cut-outs was to be piping. My current work around will be to make curves from the edges, join them and pipe from the solids menu. I will then apply the same material as the green sections of the top…this forum is good for us and many thanks for your help, Robb

I noticed that the other day, I was doing stitching on a leather cover for a helm wheel. I did a similar work around, using pipe with round cap.

Nice render, how did you get the background? thanks M