Pipeline Rhino Geo with imported object from another software?

Hi, I would like to know is it possible to reference an imported object in Rhino?

for instance I have a situation like this=

I create a NURBS Plane in Maya called “MyPlane”. export a model in IGES format and put it on my desktop.

"MyPlane" will just sit on my desktop throughout the modelling process.

I import “MyPlane” in RHino and she will become a reference geometry for Grasshopper. ( Pipeline parameter by name “MyPlane” ) and do whatever I like with MyPlane

after few minutes tweaking I decided to go back to MAYA and delete “MyPlane”, to create another NURBS geometry (NURBS box) and save as (overwrite) “MyPlane” on my desktop

*** “MyPlane” object in Rhino will then change accordingly. it will become a NURBS Box with the name “MyPlane” still intact and also inherit the same object ID without having to re-import. **

is that doable?

also another extra question, can I run “Import” command in Grasshopper?


Hi Runnie- you can insert MyPlane as a linked block, but I don’t know off hand if you can extract the block definition geometry from GH - possibly with a Python component.


ah never occured in my mind to use Linked block as import. perfect. thanks Mr.Pascal :smile: