Pipe variable radius - sticky settings

This may have been reported before but… When I want to make a series of, say, tapered pipes, I start with the first one, and set the start radius, then a different end radius and Enter Enter… If I want to repeat the operation with the same values, I can’t - as Rhino sets both the start and end radii to the same value - the last used one. So I have to constantly re-type the values.

Certainly this is scriptable, but it shouldn’t be necessary (in any case beginners won’t know how), if there are just two radii entered, Pipe should remember them both… and perhaps the other intermediate radii if given as well.

Or, Pipe>Multiple should have an option for a start and an end radius…

Thx, --Mitch

+1 but then I would also wish for a pipe with out variable radius. Just one radius.

oddly enough, if you choose the multiple option but only select one curve, you’ll only be able to enter one radius… (same goes for using ‘multiple’ with multiple curves)

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