Pipe Variable Not Displaying

Hi everyone, I’m trying to learn grasshopper at the moment with a set of tutorial videos and am trying to complicate them a little more to get more out of them. I’m trying to apply a pipe variable around a list of generated lines but the pipe is not displaying despite their being no error messages. I’m guessing this is something to do with the data trees being one level too grafted (ie((0;3)to(1;0)), desired((0;3)to(0;4))) which I can’t work out how to edit but if there’s something else I’m missing please let me know. Any help would be really appreciated
37 tree columns.gh (21.8 KB) 37 tree columns.3dm (124.5 KB)

Wouldn’t using the parameters from the evaluate length component do the trick? 37 tree columns_ME.gh (26.2 KB)
You can’t use points as a parameter input.

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That’ll be it, thank you