Pipe Tool No Inline Help found?

Hi, I was just doing some practice modelling using the Pipe Tool. I see there is no inline help for that function? Is this to be intentinal or something else?

it’s there… that said, i was messing around with some things (keeping help open then running through a few different curve commands/options)… then when i ran _Pipe again, the help panel stayed blank.

if you quit then relaunch rhino, does Pipe help work then?

Thanks Jeff that did the trick:)

if it happens again, you should probably report it again… maybe some sort of noticeable pattern will emerge which leads up to it disappearing so it can be prevented.

I think this might be an issue in Windows Rhino also. I’ve noticed it from time to time, most recently in V5 RC12. It’s not just the pipe help.

I think this is very likely this bug (MR-2071)…which is not isolated to Rhino for Mac, but also a Rhino for Windows issue. We’re on it. Thanks.