Pipe shape from curve is too heavy


As I know, the revit doesn’t work well with 2 degrees surface.
When I need to model the pipe ( handrail, cable…) I always need to convert the profile to 3 degrees curve and sweep flow the curve to make 3D pipe. The issue is the file will be really heavy.
I found only solution that converting the profile (circle to polygon line) then I have a lot of lines in the 3D shape. (not good for visual)
Does anyone has the same issue?
Any suggestion to improve the pipe shape?

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I’d highly suggest taking the pipe parameters (size, curve, …) and creating native Revit pipes instead of imported custom geometry.

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I use the adaptive component for now.

Grasshopper driven Adaptive Components are fun. I have been experimenting with them lately.

I would be quite interested to hear how they work for you.

We released a version yesterday with a fix for this.

Now pipe shapes should transfer as CylindricalSurfaces. This should fix the problem for straight pipes.

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It’s sound really great. I will test it.

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Hello. i’ve got a sprinkler system I would like to load to the revit model.
It’s been cleaned and I positioned all sprinklers on the lines with grasshopper.
What would be a good workflow to move from curve + points to pipes + sprinklers?clean sprinklers.3dm (428.7 KB) sprinklers-how to pass on to revit.gh (22.4 KB)