Pipe on closed curves issue

The issue I’m having with the pipes on closed curves is that the random seam the method adds to the pipe translates into a kink on the continuous edge after trimming. What would be the best way to clean it up? And I can’t use MergeAllEdges, because there still might be relevant kinks on the continuous edges of the breps I’m trimming with pipes.

You can use Curve Closest Point and Curve Seam to adjust the seam of the curve but it seems it can’t be on a corner.

The closed curve/surface border doesn’t have a kink there. It’s 4 continuous lines/edges. when piped all around and trimmed, I get a surface with 5 edges instead of 4. 1 is split where pipe seam is.

Why don’t you post your file?

There’s no file, just run Pipe command on a duplicated border of a rectangular plane/surface. You’ll get that seam on the pipe in the middle of one of the edges. And if you trim inside the pipe, that edge will get a kink/solid point where the pipe seam touches it.