Pipe Merging With Curve Connection-Based Diameter

Dear rhino and grasshopper users,

Is there a way that I can put a varying pipe diameter based on its sum diameter with other pipes? For example, I would like to make the diameter of Pipe in point A the sum of two pipe diameter pipe 1 and 2 (see attached image and file).

I know this can be done manually using pipe variable. But the problem is I need to deal with hundreds of this pipe merging that is impossible to be defined manually one by one. I tried using kernel density edge bundling as described here to get varying pipe but it is not really working as I expected as it has different purpose. Really appreciate for any help. Thank you!



illustration.gh (7.0 KB)

Can you be more specific, like is “backbone” of network predefined or is it arbitrary? Do you have any islands? Are you dealing with straight lines only or with various kind of curves?
If you are more specific there are people on forum who might deal with it quite easy. :slight_smile: