Pipe Issue

Okay, thanks Jeremy, could you screenshot your polysurface settings that worked?

Sure, here you are. I have no idea if these are optimal for your purpose, but give them a go:


That looks to be correct, I guess I modified my ‘Natural’ scheme a long time ago - Solids is the way to go, thanks.

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Hey guys, i also tried it with the 2007 Solids Characteristics, same Problem. I think i have to give up. I dont get it :smiley:

Hey @joshiachi,

Maybe first try a new post with a more descriptive title, like “What is best way to export Rhino geometry for use in Ansys Fluent?”, and a Fluent sub-tag. That way you may attract the attention of someone who actually uses both software and knows a better way.

Good luck!

Thats a very good hint. Thank you very much!

Okay, Mistake is not rhino related, if anybody though encounters similar trouble, in order to have a congruent mesh, you need to group the volumeobject in ansys dm geometry.

Hi @joshiachi,

Glad to see you have got it sorted. Please tick the solution box for your last post.


thanks for hanging in there!