Pipe contours creating open surfaces?

Hi all, I’m trying to build a netting system in grasshopper by first, creating contours from some warp surfaces, and then pipe around these contour lines to create a netting following the shape of the warp surfaces. All is good until I found out that I was not able to do solid union in gh to make it a close object ready for 3d printing, nor was i able to do boolean union in Rhino to union them manually.
Please Please help!!! Thanks.netting.3dm (87.2 KB)
netting.gh (15.7 KB)

One advice is try to flatten your curve input and use end caps for closed pipes.
If you’ve failed boolean both in Rhino and GH, then using mesh volumetric wrapper like dendro could be another option for 3d print.

Also note that, for 3D printing, you probably do not need one single closed mesh. As long as all individual meshes are valid and closed, the printer driver will likely be able to slice this correctly.

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Thanks a lot for the help!!
do you mind to share the file tho?

Thanks again!

Thanks !!

If you visit the plugin download page, you can find some example files to follow for your case.

Thanks. I followed the screenshot you sent, but it seems like there is an error when i use the plugin you mentioned…

which curves did you plugin to curve to volume? Or is it the settings that are not right?

Did you read the installation guide including disabling COFF while installing Dendro?