Pipe component and curve with kinks

Hey forum.

I’ve been trying to pipe a handrail curve, but at the kinks, its does something unexpected.
The pipe seems to be extended, best shown by the image.

I’ve tried to fillet it, in a number of ways, but all with the same result.
Perhaps one of you guys could give it a go and show me the solution.

Mind you, im working in mm and not in meters

HandRailAttempt.gh (1.2 MB)

Not at computer. Have you checked your curve‘s Control points? Maybe try sweep.

Refit the curve with the Refit component set to degree 3. This will give you better control point distribution.

No i haven’t checked the control points, how and what am i looking for if i’m looking at the control points?
I have a tried a sweep, but can’t get the orientation of the section curve to stay perpendicular to the rail (stair rail, not sweep rail)
If you are talking about the “Fit Curve” component it didn’t seem to work, though i’m not familiar with that component.

Fit curve


This looks OK to me:

It was pretty simple to do:

HandRailAttempt-bb1.gh (1.2 MB)

You were right, quite simple.

Thank you.

Glad I was able to help. In a simpler situation what I’ve done is to use the two top outside edge curves to make a 2-rail sweep using an arc or part of an ellipse as the sweep curve. For 3D printing it’s necessary to close the bottom of the sweep with a loft or ruled surface between the rails.