Pipe cap bug when preselecting both open and closed curves

Hi all,
Little bug
Selecting both closed and open curves and pipe them with rounded cap add round cap even on closed curves too.

Is this a Mac V6 Beta problem or a Windows WIP V7 problem?

Windows v7

When I preselect a Closed curve, I do not have a capping option.
I use a circle as my curve.

Please describe in detail specifically what you’re doing.
Are you preselecting?
Are you selecting multiple objects?

Selecting both closed and open curves then apply “pipe” with capped round option.
Note: closed curves are grouped

Okay, I can duplicate this now.

The details to get the problem are to preselect both open and closed curves.
Also Flat or Round caps doesn’t matter; you get extra surfaces either way.
Grouping makes no difference either.

The specifics are using a capping option when preselecting open and closed curves, results in extra surfaces on the closed curve pipe.

Rhino V6 has the same problem so this is not a regression.

Logged as https://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/RH-53455


You’re welcome

I don’t know if Pipe can be made smart enough to segregate the open and closed curves in the preselection to process them differently, or if the segregation will need to happen at the selection level, meaning if you preselect open and closed curves, the command might need to reject the preselection and ask you to select either open or closed curves, bot not both.

This could easily be done in script or grasshopper imo, Rhino isn’t too?

I honestly do not know how the code is constructed.
That’s why I was cautious about getting it fixed.

It’s on the list for V7 development.

I just tested this in what will eventually become V6 SR17.
It will be released in a couple months.
The developer was able to put the changes into the V6 code base without risking breaking other things.


Thanks this will help.

In the meantime, you’ll need to be careful to not preselect both open and closed curves at the same time.

RH-53455 is fixed in the latest Service Release Candidate