Pipe: autochain selection does not stick

Using the pipe command with select chain and autoselect put to yes, that selection reverts to no the next time pipe is used.
A small oversight, but imho it should stick.

Cheers, Norbert

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The ideal situation would be if Rhino allows choosing between β€œYes” and β€œNo” options to be remembered permanently for each individual command that uses chain select or history (mirror, rotate, extrude, offset surface etc).

Like it does within other commands.
For instance extract surface has the copy option which sticks (at least until Rhino is closed).
That is why I think autoselect/yes should stick too, if only for consistency.

Today I was working on steel wire designs the whole day and boy would it have been less annoying if Rhino remembered this option.

Hi Norbert - I see that, thanks. Looks like it is fixed in V7/WIP.


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