Pipe Alternative

Pipe_Alternative.3dm (255.1 KB)

Has anybody ever requested the idea of using the pipe command, but for the piping to be off axis? So it would basically be similar to a Sweep1 with Quad points of circular sections on the rail, except you would have the convenient automation that comes with the Pipe command.

I think it would be expected that a limitation of it is that all the quad points would be on the same side… maybe just aligned with whatever the CPlane in which the command is invoked is? And maybe that the curve would need to be planar, and the off-axis-ness will be a bit weird in some cases.

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I would not say that’s a strange request, I can’t catch the whole logic of it, but eventually, can you tell what’s the purpose. Or can you show us a drawing draft?
For now I was thinking to duplicate the base curve and place it off axis to the first curve…arrgh, maybe I’m too old and I don’t really get it.
Please can you explain a little more, it seems interresting.

EDIT: I did not saw that a file was attached, forgive me.

Now I see, indeed, that’s is not possible for now. Nice request!

Basically the piping would be off axis by a factor of whatever the specified radius is. Basically, Piping but not defining the centre line.

dont want to be a party pooper, but can you outline a scenario where that would be needed? and would that or other scenarios be needed frequently?

No problem :wink: I think most of the thoughts I suggest on this forum are daft

Basically in cases where the design of something isn’t driven by a centreline - but by a desired silhouette line that you want a pipe to follow.

Can’t say that it’s frequent - but I’ve thought about it enough times that it could be convenient. Let’s say you were working backwards from an existing feature, for a pipe/channel to be 12mm away, then you wouldn’t want the faff of figuring out the centreline, in the case of a variable radii pipe. I can already see the awkwardness of defining the ‘off-axis’ direction that the circular cross sections would move in… in other words, the basic reason that Pipe is the way it is I guess :joy:

Pipe_Alternative_Example.3dm (3.4 MB)

nah, dont ever think that. the dumbest and boldest ideas sometimes lead to whole new worlds. regarding a pipe which has an option to function as a sweep, not sure that brings us to the moon though. you can of course use OrientOnCrv with option perpendicular to position your circles in the same manner then sweep. or better make 2 rails, use diameter circle with option vertical with snaps ortho and pull the radii as you want followed by sweep.

i dont say that it cant be useful, sometimes tools might have to be created to accommodate ideas before we have them, but right now i cant think of a situation for this where it would need a special command for it.

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If I needed to define 5 different radii along 10 different length curves though, all with Orient, it would be really painful.

I’ll maybe see what I can do with Python. But I think the sticking point will be the 3D curve aspect and the plane to move the circular sections in, to falsify the effect.