Ping: "Custom Preview" still not working

I’m also a bit surprised by the above statement.

You don’t have to “wade” through anything at all. I have pointed out with pictures and with text exactly where the problem is - in the Transform component the problem shows up. That’s all you need to know.

But I also told you more. I told you what KIND of problem the mesh ends up having after the Transpform. Quote:
DegenerateFaces or AlignVertices”. Both these goes bananas.

If you also want to test it, just drag the IK-point around, as instructed (see picture which was included*). If you want to test a Box, just attach a Box instead of my internalized Brep.

Grasshopper 2 aside - this is a major bug in an essential component.

// Rolf

  • Included picture instructing how to run the test: