Pinching Problem

Hi everyone,

I’m new in rhino, i started 2 days ago with basics, but i have a problem, i’m following a tutorial to model an iphone but when i make a hole in the curved surface of the iphone there is pinching

If somebody knows what is the problem it will be very helpfull.

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

hello Oudni2
Without the actual file it’s hard to be specific as this could have any number of causes: rendermesh needs adjusting (not likely), two surfaces are meeting tangentially or you have some naked edges. Just to name the obvious.

Thanks for the reply, here is the file :slight_smile: Untitled.3dm (645.2 KB)

Your surface appears to be perfectly fine.
The “pinching” seems to be a rendermesh artifact or it might depend on your render environment.
emap zebra and curvaturecomb all show no pinch whatsoever.

Cheers, Norbert

Thanks a lot you’re right, i looked in keyshot and there is no problem :).

Thank you for taking your time to answers :slight_smile: