Pinch n Spread Anchor points not working - Please help

Hello everyone,

I am trying to modify 2 joined mesh planes using the “Pinch n Spread Mesh Suction” code. Everything works fine, with the exception of the Anchor points, I want to use the meshes’ edges as anchors, but they are not working. They only work with a single mesh plane, but when I join 2 of them, they don’t work in any of them.

Does anyone know how to make this work? I would appreciate any help. (16.3 KB)

Because you are dividing the naked edge for some reason. Anchor points are points that are also part of Points to pinch and spread ( P ), in this case your mesh verts. So your edge anchors should be the meshes edge verts. You can just get the control points of the naked edge as these will be points that coincide with your mesh verts.