Piling 2 polyhedrons

By ‘pile’ I mean like it’s showing on ‘perspective’ with the 4 archimedean solids
I need to make a new archimedean solid with your pluggin link I got it easy (so thanks again) and now I need to pile up 2 of it… I tried ‘rotate’ ‘rotate3d’ etc. the polyhedron I try to rotate or to move goes into the other one,it doesn’t stack up above or beside the other one.

I move your post under “Rhino for Windows”, as this isn’t a development issue.

You might try using the Orient3Pt command instead.

I agree with Dale, Orient3Pt should help you position the separate polyhedra. You might also need to make custom construction planes using Cplane if you find you still need to rotate and but have already aligned the flat faces.

I’m sorry and I’ll try it now

I think I got it I used orient3dpt, rotate, and move .Thank you!

I didn’t use custom construction but I’m going to check what it is, maybe I’ll need it later. but I did use orient3dpt. Thank you!