Pictureframe printing


Today I run into the issue again that pictureframes when edited (eg trimmed) will not print in vector-mode.
Only unedited PF’s will print. Will this be addressed for V6 and possibly for V5 alreday?
It’s confusing and frustrating to have a PF object that forces a whole document to be printed in raster.


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Please, please, please! Pascal was taking a look at this some time ago. Having to regenerate a PF from scratch just because I’ve scaled or trimmed it is a PITA. Even deleting the assigned image and reassigning a new one doesn’t seem to work - it’s like the PF ‘remembers’ that it’s been edited.

Printing to raster isn’t an option as far as my clients are concerned (I have to send them PDF’s).

I think it’s on Youtrack list…