Pictureframe outline

Good day,

If I draw a picture frame it does not draw an outline, but it does when I just draw a surface. How can I turn on this outline for Picture frame? If I check properties I see no differences.

Thank you.



The V4 and V5 PictureFrame commands did not actually add a border to the surface.
For V6, we changed the name of the command to Picture because it does not have a “frame”.
You could edit the image to add an edge or you could draw something around the edge of the surface if you need one.

I would like to see where the image is from a side view. Then the picture disappears and won’t be visible. That is why I need the contour. I’ll play around and see if I can add something.

Else I can create a surface and change the material with an image.

You could select the boundary edges of the surface, extrude them a small distance, then Group them together with the Picture surface and be able to see them in an side view.