PictureFrame + grid visible

How to make the grid visible in the PictureFrame?

That as well as on the background bitmap

Hello- If I understand you, you can set some transparency on the material of the picture frame object- does that do what you need?


Yes, I would like to do a some transparency my image.
Or put the entire grid to the front of the picture. Just as when using the BackgroundBitmap

But it is better to put a grid on the front, as well as Background Bitmap

Hi Leex,
You can also set a setting that draws the grid ontop of objects for any viewmode.

In options
Choose any view mode
Click on the Grid option
Then in appearance within the dropdown menu, choose "draw grid ontop of objects."

Hi 4dsynergy!
This method is not suitable. Grid will detract from the surfaces

I would like to place grid over the pictureframe only

Hi Leex,
I know I hate that the ontop grid detracts from surfaces too, it was just a suggestion.

They might make your need/request into a wish item for V6 so that within the pictureframe command there would be an extra option to draw grid on top of only picture frames. Perhaps Jeff Lasor could cook up a quick plugin for you?


I hope :slight_smile:

Unfortunately it’s not that simple… You’re making pretty big assumptions here, mainly that a pictureframe can act like a background bitmap simply because it sort of looks like one.

The reason background bitmaps can function the way they do is because they are ALWAYS coplanar to the construction plane (grid). Pictureframes are not (or at least don’t have to be). Pictureframes are just texture mapped plane objects…they can be rotated, trimmed, tilted, etc… just like any other object… Would you still want the grid the show on top of the entire pictureframe even though it isn’t coplanar with the grid? For example: Half of it could be below the grid while the other half is above the grid… I think you’d be surprised how confusing things look when a 3D object is being rotated and panned about but it’s not behaving like a 3D object… keep in mind that coplanar objects are really 2D objects, and therefore can act and behave in certain ways without confusing our eyes.

Nevertheless, I will look into what would be involved in doing this as a plugin…I basically would have to draw all pictureframe objects first, clear the back-buffer, and then continue drawing things normally…but what I don’t know at the moment is if that will impact or affect any other type of object or display attributes that monkey with any kind of ordered drawing.


Thanks for the answer Jeff
Well there is command _SetObjectDisplayMode. It assigns a selective mode on the object. For example, we are working in Saded mode, but the selected object as Rendered mode. I think that this principle can be used for PictureFrame (or any surfaces or textured plane)

Possibly you can create a command _SetObjectGridMod
which will assign the properties from
appearance / advanced grid settings / Grid appearance / draw grid ontop of objects or Use transparent grid.

Or modify the Background Bitmap
so there will a option rotate and crop