Pictureframe Command question

I use the PIctureFrame command to insert renders of a part into a drawing of it. Is there anyway to get rid of the edge of the frame showing up in the print? I tried saving the render as a PNG with alpha background but while I can see it in the window, it does not show up in the print. But if I print as an image it does !!! Any Ideas??

Have a look at this discussion: Picture Frame - hide edges

It’s just a surface so I think the border you’re seeing is the surface edge. It’s being printed because of the display mode setting. If you changed to a display mode that didn’t thicken surface edges (like Render), then the surface edge would not show.
That’s just one way.

Well, I have the impression that sometimes the borders show up here and sometimes they don’t (I have to find a file that shows this)…

Anyway, this should be an option for PictureFrame for V6 (and probably no edges by default) - one should not have to create a special display mode without edges to use them, especially if they are being considered as a candidate for replacing background bitmaps.



Try setting the pictureFrame’s print color to white.


We’re considering that. It would mean defining a new object type (or somehow artfully faking it). Right now, the PictureFrame command makes a planar surface with a texture and a special display mode assigned to it. Just like a surface made with say Loft, it’s just a surface, so is a surface made with PictureFrame.

If we go the new object type route, then there are complications when saving to an earlier file version. If we go the artful faking route, then there are potential U/I complications.

It’s never an easy choice.

Doesn’t need to be a new object type. As you explained, it’s just a surface with a “special display mode” assigned to it. Make that display mode have surface edges optionally turned off (i.e. choose between two or more possible “special display modes” for each picture frame object…)


Playing Devil’s Advocate here…
A new object type that had the controls built into Rhino would probably be easier to get into MacRhino.
The “artful fake” approach is 100% U/I trickery so none of that coding could be used in MacRhino, making it unlikely to be easily added.

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Changing the material color of the picture frame to white did the trick. That will work as long as I have a white background in my render. Thanks

I don’t really care what you decide to do, as long as it works and we can have picture frames without surface edges showing - no matter what the current display mode is and without the necessity to create a special one.

– Mitch

Hi John,

Apart from the special displaymode and material. The print and display-color could be set explicitly as well.


Can I also request that a trimmed, scaled, corner filleted or otherwise-manipulated picture frame still shows up when printing is set to vector?

I will second MattE requests, I tried scaling a pictureframe and the images disappear.