Picture issue referencing a file on a server

I’m in a large architecture office where we store rhino files on a server. In order to maintain a shared filepath to Picture (formerly PictureFrame) materials, we locate the jpegs/etc on that server so the link is maintained in the file.

I noticed when I save a new copy of the rhino file on my desktop, the Picture material (jpeg) is exported along with the SaveAs into a folder stored locally on my dekstop. This creates a huge problem because it re-paths the material in the newly saved file to the image on my desktop, so when I copy that file to the server, the link is now broken.

This was not a problem with PictureFrame in RH5. It kept the material pointer to the file on the server. Is anyone else having this issue?



Hi Jeremy - V5, if you embedded the image for a PictureFrame, embedded the image in the 3dm file - this had its own set of problems, so in 6 the Picture image is treated like any material texture. However, so far I am not able to reproduce what you’ve described.

  1. Start a new file and place a Picture, image from a network location.
  2. Save the file.
  3. SaveAs the file.
  4. Open this file.
  5. Check the material’s texture - the path is to the network location.

So there is a step I am missing… can you give me a blow by blow?