Picture frame wish list

It would be handy if the Picture frame tool named the material the same name as the image. Especially when inserting several Picture frames.

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Interesting idea… we’ve been updating PictureFrame as of late and this might be something that could also be added.

What would you expect to happen to the name of the material if you then changed the texture map. I’m thinking maybe the auto-naming would only happen on initial creation of the Picture material. I’m imagining that the material may be renamed to something other than the texture maps name and may need to stay that way.

Maybe check if the name of the material is the same as the “old” image. Ifso. change the name to the new one? Else use the custom name?

I have never changed the texture on a Picture frame, especially since the the Picture frame is created based on the aspect ratio of the original image. My Picture frame implementation is usually with images that vary in dimensions. Good recommendation by jordy1989 though, if someone wanted to use a different texture with an existing Picture frame.

The way I currently work is to to name my textures something meaningful then change the name of the material from the default name, Picture Frame, to the texture name. I usually have Adobe Bridge open (on my second monitor) to the folder with the images so I can quickly load, zoom and pan images for reference. The correlation works really good for doing this.

Feature request filed as http://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/RH-30526

Cool Brian!!! thanks.

You think this one could be added too: